What is a Food Tour?

Savor and Stroll…A Food Tasting and Cultural Walking Tour is an ideal way to experience all a neighborhood has to offer.  Ours combine delicious foods from a variety of top restaurants and specialty food stores, with insight into the history of the area, and highlights noteworthy architecture throughout a three hour journey.

Delight your senses and find out why the Twin Cities has a variety of unique neighborhoods and comes alive when the snow melts. Whether you are a visitor or a life-long resident, you are assured a new appreciation of the area.

Why Our Food Tour?

While many tours are geared towards tourists, ours are more like meeting up with an old friend and having them show you around the town for an afternoon. We guide participants through the history, architecture and a variety of hidden restaurant gems in unique neigborhoods. You will receive an enjoyable, mouth-watering experience with our entertaining and knowledgeable tour guides. And, even if a local, we believe there is always something new to be learned.

Visiting from out of town? Experience Minneapolis in a unique and memorable way!